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Biergut Wildshut

Reading Tip17.07.2017

As is well-known, a combination of different gastronomic traditions offers a special charm – even if it involves the neighbors. The first brewery facility in Austria in the idyllic Wildshut is located exactly where Upper Austria, Salzburg and Bavaria meet. For some years now, sustainable agriculture, great diversity and, above all, an eagerness to experiment with new tastes for the palate have been cultivated here. In organic agriculture old grain varieties are cultivated that are malted in a unique combination of malting and roasting in order to brew top class beer according to the old craftsmanship. Just as important as sustainability and tradition is the hospitality: with delicious recipes from the associated inn in Wildshut, the book from the renowned Brandstätter Verlag publisher awakens the taste for a visit, giving the reader an appetite for popular classics, light delicacies or sweet specialties. A summer tip that is not just for beer lovers!

Heinrich Dieter Kiener, Alessandra Kiener (Hg.), Franz-Maria Sonner, Gabriela Scheinast: Gut Wildshut. Tradition, Natur, Pioniergeist. Brandstätter, 240 pages, 180 illustrations, Hardcover. ISBN 978-3-7106-0126-2. € 39.90

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