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Curling rink and beer garden


An interview with Norbert Barthelmess, Kraxlalm, Rutesheim

The Kraxlalm in Rutesheim near Stuttgart offers Alpine specialties in a rustic setting. And with the surrounding amusement park, there are many opportunities for sporting activity. A high ropes course, archery, mini-golf, golf and pit-pat have been around for some time. Now you are adding a curling rink facility for the winter?

Precisely. These days, guests don’t want to just sit in the restaurant; they are looking for a diversion and want to go out at times and be active so we thought that curling would be a good addition in the winter.

In alpine regions, curling is very popular, but what about in Swabia?

It’s all the buzz right now and the facility is outstanding. The message got out very quickly and we were roughly 95 percent booked for corporate parties before Christmas.
Württemberg doesn’t have a facility like this so were completely booked in December.

But isn’t there a special feature here with the flexible weather protection from four large Meissl umbrellas and height-adjustable wind protection walls?

The four curling rinks are completely covered with the Meissl umbrellas. Of course the umbrellas are closed when the weather is nice. And when it gets cooler, the walls automatically go up and offer all-round protection.

Isn’t the facility taken down and the area converted into a beer garden again at the end of February?
If we had the space, then the curling rink would run the whole year.

But we are sure the weather protection concept will work very well with the beer garden too. This is not only pleasant for the guests, but also makes all our planning and operations easier. Otherwise, you are just too dependent on the weather – a rain shower can come and everything gets wet. Or you don’t dare go outside without first covering up ...
Thus the sun terrace is ideal in less favorable weather too. With our four Meissl umbrellas, I think we are already a kind of highlight here in the region.

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