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Elbresidenz: five stars in the countryside


Elbresidenz, the only 5-star hotel in Saxon Switzerland, shines with fresh splendor after reopening. An appealing highlight in the outdoor area is the setup of a total of 14 Meissl large umbrellas with 5x5 or 4x4 meter umbrellas. On the big terrace in the hotel park right on the banks of the Elbe River, there is a handy umbrella bar for a quick path to enjoyment and other temptations. This was the occasion for the collaboration of architectural firm Ollertz Architekten, Fulda, with the open-air specialists from Pfarrwerfen, since the existing outdoor bar was not a jewel “and was actually always in the way,” as Elbresidenz Manager Axel Hausmann recalls. The new facility fits perfectly into the image of Elbresidenz and is gladly used by upscale guests. Originally built from several historical buildings, the space in the 130-meter-long façade of the classy hotel now also invites guests to linger, as an entire series of white umbrellas offer a perfect open-air atmosphere. The 11 meeting and conference rooms are an additional attraction for hotel and conference guests that offer visitors 5-star comfort.

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