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Unique in western Switzerland and only four times in the world: at 2,048 meters the Kuklos revolving restaurant offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, the Swiss Riviera, the Jura Mountains, the Rhone Valley, the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and the Eiger! As of this winter, there is another attraction where this panorama can be enjoyed. Bar 2048, a Meissl umbrella now allows for a well-protected outdoor experience on the terrace in elegant surroundings. Fully glazed height-adjustable wind protection walls provide unobstructed view in every kind of weather.
Design of the facility, the bar equipment and the seating area perfectly match this exclusive location: lots of white and light wood fit perfectly with the mountain peaks and the futuristic restaurant building.
A cable car that runs from Leysin to the restaurant takes guests right to the door. Of course, the setup of the fully equipped outdoor bar was not so easy to accomplish, but for the experienced Meissl installers who have already mastered quite different challenges, the feat was doable, naturally according to plan.

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