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“neysPlace”, Norderney


In the middle of winter, “neysPlace” was opened on the coast of the North Sea island of Norderney. With this, experienced restaurateur Karl-Hans Sigges has created an entirely new experience.

First of all, congratulations on this magnificent restaurant; it has become a real gem! But I assume the path was not easy?

Since the site is located near a nature reserve, there were a number of objections and delays even though there was already a venue here and a surfing school just around the corner. But everything worked out in the end. I think everyone can be satisfied now.

A bar, lounge area, restaurant and terrace … you now offer a great setting for every taste. And a key element of the new offerings is the large, glass-enclosed Meissl umbrella bar?

Yes, although we often have a harsh climate here on the North Sea, visitors naturally want to use the terrace anyway. And so this was the ideal solution.

From Salzburger Land to the North Sea island of Norderney. How did that come about?

Meissl already installed two outdoor bars on the neighboring island of Juist, which have proven to be very successful and which I thoroughly inspected. Moreover, Meissl is already well represented here on the coast and on the islands – proof of quality in view of the climate challenges.

You opened on December 24th; how is the response?

We did not really start from 0 and go to 100 percent, but to 250 percent. There was a continuously full house, especially in the carnival season. Four operations in the umbrella bar alone all had their hands full. Traditionally, guests come to escape the hustle and bustle of the carnival in Cologne or Dusseldorf. And the guests were completely thrilled, even though the weather was not good.

What do you mean by this?

We had subzero temperatures and storms with a wind force up to 12, which makes things even colder. But it was cozy and warm in the heated outdoor umbrella bar. Everyone felt comfortable. I sometimes worried whether it would be damaged in this hurricane-like weather, but everything stayed perfect.

Your impression after this stormy start?

I have been building here on Norderney for almost 40 years and there is follow-up work at each construction site and in each trade. Meissl has succeeded without any delays or follow-up work. The umbrella bar was up and running from day one without any flaws. This is something I have never seen before!

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