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On de-curating and norm trotters


What are the future trends in tourism? The renowned Hamburg Zukunftsinstitut (Institut exploring the future) explores this question in its current tourism report and provides guidance using snappy slogans. Some of the new types of travel tourism experts:

  • Norm trotter: the yearning for the exceptional is linked with the need for security, comfort and a common level for identification.

  • Festivals: the festival business is booming. The temporary escape from everyday life and the live experience of a community are at the forefront for the participant.

  • Mind coolness: business travelers are increasingly demanding possibilities for relaxation and contemplation in transit locations and in the modes of transport themselves.


Zero waste – avoid rather than recycling – sustainable tourism will also be an important issue for travelers in the future and providers must adjust to this. Other basic trends include:

  • Dronism: drones offer new perspectives on the world of travel

  • Sportivity: the desire for movement is increasingly becoming a tourist attraction

  • De-curating: the end of the review craze; rankings and portals are losing their importance or are used in new ways


And: successful advertising and customer contact is increasingly working through visual storytelling rather than long blocks of text. And this must always be available on mobile devices because now more than ever the target group of Millennials is making decisions based on situational, ad hoc and real-time modes. Other trend observations:
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