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“Our guests are very satisfied”


“Our guests are very satisfied”

The 5-star Schlosshotel Bensberg of the Althoff Group is one of the absolute top hotels in Germany. Even in this exclusive environment, Meissl giant umbrellas cut a fine figure, as general manager Kurt Wagner confirms.

Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm II commissioned the well-known Jan Wellem to renovate the spacious house into a representative hunting lodge in 1703, modeled after Versailles and Winchester Castle. Goethe appreciated the unique location with the expansive view over the Bergisch Land country region to Cologne. Sophisticated guests can enjoy perfect service and various restaurants and bars in this unique setting. Another highlight is Restaurant Vendôme operated by 3-star chef Joachim Wissler.
Mr. Wagner, the Schlosshotel also offers a very charming atmosphere in the outdoor area. What do guests think of the solution with the four large umbrellas?
At first, some thought it had been airier or brighter before, but they soon recognized the benefits.

Thanks to the special sizes of the umbrellas, the entire patio could be covered. Can the area now be better used in the event of rain or intense sunshine?
In the past, those who did not find a good spot under one of the umbrellas had to go inside again. We are very satisfied with the new solution, as are the guests. Visitor numbers and sales have already increased noticeably.

To what is this mainly due?
If it rained before or the sun was too strong, although a few stalwarts stayed outside the others naturally went inside. Now everyone is sitting in a dry area or in the shade. This is because the umbrellas form a closed roof and also because of the attachable rain gutters.

What do the staff say?
They can provide service throughout the patio. For the service staff, there is no need to worry about whether to set tables outside or not. The same applies to the clean areas when there is a sudden rain shower and also for a dry wipe afterwards. These are seemingly little things, but they do matter.

Were there any problems with historic preservation of this richly traditional property?
The planned direct connection to the building was not approved. Now there is a short distance that does not affect either function or appearance – a very clever solution.

Could the special character of the old terrace floor also be preserved?
Even with the height differences being taken into account, a continuous, uniform height of the umbrellas has been made possible. This provides a beautiful scene that suits the look of the entire system.

Your impression of the new design with the large umbrellas?
As I said, we – and, more importantly, our guests – are all very satisfied. Of course, we will have to see what it looks like after a year, but I think this is a judgment that will surely hold.

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