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Prices: Why we are not raising them (yet) despite everything


We discussed whether this was a topic for you and for this newsletter and duly decided to inform you quite honestly here: The European manufacturing industry has been groaning under extreme price increases for raw materials such as steel, aluminium and wood for months. Find out what this means for us and for you.
The current easing of the Corona crisis, the hope for a revival of the global economy and the still partially tight market supply have been causing raw material prices to rise sharply for several months: The price of steel, for example, has more than doubled since 2020, and the trend is still on the up. We currently have to pay more than 60% more for aluminium than usual. This means that import prices (also for us) are increasing more sharply than at any other time over the last ten years. 
For two reasons, you can be sure not to expect any price increases for the time being - despite many considerable additional costs: 1. For our large product range, which is manufactured entirely in-house, we always need many special profiles. For this reason, we built up a large stock, even before the price increases, which now benefits us and it will now benefit you too.
2. We have decided to make a solidarity contribution to our customers who have had to struggle so much with Corona-related problems in recent months.

Of course, we don't know how long this development will continue and how prices will (have to) change. Let's all hope for the best!

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