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Interview with Alban Scheiber, Top Hotel Hochgurgl

Mr. Scheiber, together with your brother you are the second generation to run Top Hotel Hochgurgl. Is it more difficult for a top hotel in the winter season today?

It has changed. In earlier years it may have been simpler in terms of demands and features. But it was certainly more difficult because you had to build it up from zero here. There was nothing, no lifts, no driveways and likely not any money either. But “standing still means going backwards” is our motto. The demands of the guests have also grown significantly.

You have top offerings in every respect, whether downhill runs, wellness, gastronomy, après ski, your Top Mountain Star bar, motorcycle museum…

The pressure of competition is very high, especially in Austria. There are older and better-known ski regions, so you have to make a name for yourself first. You have to come up with something so that guests from Hamburg, England or America become aware of you.

How does the collaboration with Meissl come into play?

I think that it is more than 30 years now that we have had at least 6 Meissl umbrellas and umbrella bars, even the interior of the Top Mountain Star facility stems from Meissl.

You and your brother are twins and it is said that you mostly share the same opinions. Are there not sometimes different views, for example, about new investments like the Motorcycle Museum on the Timmelsjoch?

I must say that we actually have the same opinion 99 percent of the time. This also means that projects have to be developed step-by-step and standing still means going backwards.

Thus everything is top at Top Hotel Hochgurgl?

The guest decides what is top. We have always wanted to realize everything so that it would inspire us as much as a guest. The most important thing is that guests are satisfied. Then they will come again.

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