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“This is really a showcase project!”


Interview with Hannes Enzinger, Mayor of the town of Bramberg

Installation of the new multipurpose pavilion with four large umbrellas has attracted much attention, and not only in Bramberg?
The pavilion in the village is certainly a milestone for our development, a showcase project that is unique in the region, indeed in the whole state, probably even in Austria.

Especially in Pinzgau, the bands like to play in the open air?

That’s right; we have a weekly plaza concert of local traditional music bands here in the summer months. There are also other high quality cultural events. There are often musical delights, for example, we had the Pfeffersberger group from South Tyrol who are something like the Champions League of the music scene. We have also already registered music groups from Tyrol, which all find their way onto TV broadcasts.

Can the pavilion with the large umbrellas also be used for other purposes?

Definitely. There is a bar, a kitchen and a serving area, as well as storage space. So the system is often in use. Last week, the big harvest festival opening was celebrated; we also had processions and a church celebration.

This proves the great success?

Yes, there are many admirers, enthusiasts and applauders – the solution is being very well received and we are proud that we have succeeded together. By this I mean together with the tourism association, the traditional band and the local companies that all supported this big project.

So everyone is satisfied?

Meissl really did a great job here. These are all giant-sized specially made umbrellas. And with the side walls and rain gutters, the built-in lighting and heating units, everything works perfectly even in bad weather.

We have already used it a few times this year and it has proven very effective as you actually always stay dry. You are also well protected against the wind. There are even windows integrated in the walls.

Was this an easy decision?

The development process has been going on for several years; we looked at many options and after looking elsewhere, we always came back to Meissl. They really listened to us and gave us detailed advice – we can only further recommend such an approach.

Would you also recommend other municipalities try out this type of design concept?

Absolutely! Bramberg has again played a pioneering role, as has often been the case. Others should also look closely at this solution from Meissl.

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