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User trends 2017


Mintel, the world’s largest agency for market intelligence, has identified seven major consumer trends in Europe for 2017. These trends are also somewhat relevant to the leisure sector.

  • Convenient payment
Because more and more consumers trust contactless payment systems, more companies are offering digital payment methods, which in turn lead to more impulse purchases. This gives businesses and restaurants the opportunity to invest more time and effort in the shopping or dining experience of their customers.
  • Talking shop
Because instant messaging services such as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are becoming more and more popular, this form of communication is also gaining importance in the customer service area.
  • The sweet enemy
After Finland, Norway, Hungary and France, Great Britain wants to be the next country to introduce a sugar tax. The question now is what the future of sugar will look like.
  • Airpocalypse Now
Air pollution has become a reality. Consumers are increasingly investing in products that protect against pollution. This trend is already established in China.
  • Africa ascending
An increasing GDP and improved infrastructure make Africa a reliable and efficient trading partner. African ingredients and products have enormous potential in Europe, from gluten-free raw cereals to nougat and jam.
  • Socio-cultural responsibility
Companies are increasingly committed to the maintenance and renovation of cultural monuments, as this offers the opportunity to get involved in communities in a concrete manner. The food industry and gastronomy sector are reviving historic production sites associated with their brands.
  • Right here, right now
Through the growing popularity of geolocation technology, businesses are helping consumers decide what they want to buy, see, make or eat in the next 30 minutes to 48 hours.

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