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On hot summer days you can see large umbrellas being used mainly as sun protection. But together with the special wind protection walls, the umbrella setup can be transformed into effective weather protection for cool evenings and colder days too. We are all familiar with this scenario: it was so comfortable on the warm patio, but now you feel an unpleasant draft and the guests leave prematurely. But with Meissl’s wide range of specialty wind protection solutions, you can take precautions against this and significantly extend the outdoor business into the evening hours.

The choice and flexibility of use provide each location and each property the perfect solution: height-adjustable and retractable designs allow the protective walls to disappear on calm days; mobile walls can be moved or folded away, integrated glass doors provide freedom of access and the result is an all-around well-protected area – including the extra guest room, which still has an open-air feeling thanks to the complete glazing.

Precision-fit installation, straightforward design and individualized advertising possibilities on the glass surfaces support the personal, distinctive appearance, without attracting too much attention. Thus the best conditions are in place to successfully extend the outdoor season, even if the weather does not cooperate.

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