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“A winter barbeque under the umbrellas is really something special”


An interview with Marcus Verscht, Restaurant Medici, Baden-Baden

Mr. Verscht, Baden-Baden really does have a demanding public and a correspondingly high gastronomic standard. What then are the special features of the “Medici”, with which you hope to gain points over the competition?

For us, it is all about offering guests a complete experience in which the epicurean enjoyment, ambience, atmosphere and service all work together. This starts with the aperitif, perhaps something in open air at our Allee Bar outside, followed by the special creations from our kitchen to the particular atmosphere and facilities indoors and outdoors. This is very well received.

The keyword is “outside“: you now have the terrace completely sheltered; previously there were two large umbrellas?

The summer months in these parts are not very reliable, and so the current solution offers great advantages. In fact, now no one has to leave the terrace and go inside when the weather changes.

What are the specialties in the “Medici”?

Of course there are the dishes of our sushi master Hiroshi Akutsu, who is well-respected far beyond Baden-Baden. Then there is our barbeque menu for which we have the best charcoal grill in use, and naturally, our fish and meat specialties. Not to be left out are the cocktails at our outdoor bar, incidentally, the only one in Baden-Baden.

This takes place on the large terrace in summer too?

Yes, we then move 80 percent of our kitchen outside. We have a large barbeque area with a charcoal grill and induction plates so we can prepare most of the food outside in front of the guests. This is naturally a live experience for guests – and the smell is of course very enticing too.

Do you also provide a real alternative program with the Kitzbühel hut during the winter season?

Yes, this is a temporary project in rustic lodge style where alpine food is served and there is real hut entertainment after 9 p.m. We are now in our sixth year of doing this. It is of course a great sensation here!

And what is your gastro tip for the “Medici”?

In the festive season, we organize a special winter barbeque under the umbrellas: you can book a barbeque on the terrace with us for Christmas parties. Everything is grilled outside, including reindeer, salmon, various meat dishes and also vegetarian options – a full program. And you can then eat comfortably inside.

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