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Please note the following:

  • As effective as the weather protection is, Meissl umbrella bars or large umbrellas with wind protection walls are not permanent structures!
  • Optimized impregnation of new coverings can cause condensation to form under extreme temperature differences.
  • If the temperature difference between inside and outside is too great, humidity in the air is known to settle on the surface in between – and it condenses.
  • Increased humidity in the room, which is intensified by damp ski clothing and snow on the guests’ shoes in winter, causes increased condensation.
  • Furthermore, the floor insulation also plays an important role.
  • The optionally available exhaust fan improves this situation because the humid air can be transported faster to the outside

Please do the following: 
  • Lower the inside temperature to 18-20 ° C, especially on very cold days. The higher the temperature difference, the more condensation occurs.
  • Allow the heater to run on a lower level during the night so that the condensed water cannot freeze to the covering.
  • Prevent the dripping of condensation before the end of the operation by removing the covering by means of a rubber lip or shaking the umbrella rungs, e.g. with a broom.
  • Thoroughly ventilate the system at the end of operations so that the humid warm inside air escapes.
  • The optional exhaust fan improves the situation, as the humid air can be transported faster to the outside.

  Condensation is a physical phenomenon and usually not a reason for complaint.

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