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Martin Eltbogen – The Research and Development Managing Director from Meissl reveals what awaits you


It is exciting to get to know the people behind the scenes at Meissl. Today’s interview is with the Managing Director of Meissl Research and Development GmbH: Martin Eltbogen.

Herr Eltbogen, are there Gastro-Trends, which affect the products and services of Meissl?
We see a similar trend in open-air gastronomy as the automotive industry has shown with its convertibles: a “normal” car was fitted with a flexible roof – and the side effects, such as the cold, draughts and noise were simply accepted. Weather protection solutions of today and of the future must offer restauranteurs and their guests a pleasant climate, a great musical experience, but must also be very robust against the wind and snow, whilst at the same time offering a sophisticated interior. The change between having protection against the weather and being open-air must be by the touch of a button, just like in a convertible.

Can Gastro companies expect new products and services from Meissl in 2020?
We are currently working on various concepts, which make the afore-mentioned specifications that much quicker and easier, so that the change between an open terrace and a closed room can be achieved with even less effort. The keywords here are for example, easier to mount protective covers – also for the very large umbrellas – and also stability supports or heating devices, which do not have to be removed. In some cases, these will also be developments that can be upgraded by existing customers without much effort. There are also many more ideas in our research and development pool. We will present you with these product developments in the upcoming newsletter. So, it's worth sticking with it!

What impact does the increase in digitalisation have on you?
For a year now, our sales representatives have been using 3D scanners to record the existing customer situation. This makes it easier for the design engineers to create very detailed plans and animations that show a particularly realistic picture of a potential future solution. We are successively equipping our production facilities with EDP-supported machines and 3D-printed components are being integrated into our thought process and prototype construction. In addition, we also see many advantages for our products and customers when switching to digital control systems, for example; modern displays offer many more operating options and transferring of information than analogue operating or control lights do. In all our digitalisation measures, we always keep our focus on how this benefits the customer the most.

Why (and for how long) have you been working at Meissl?
As an outdoor sports enthusiast, I like to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Then, of course, when it is time to relax, I like to enjoy time in a weather protected space, which has been created by Meissl. Therefore, I have worked enthusiastically on important issues and it pleases me that my ideas are warmly received here and can really take shape.

Thank you very much for your time, Herr Eltbogen.

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