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A real novelty was inaugurated in Rotterdam-Westerkade at the end of June: Meissl large umbrellas on a boat! More precisely with culinary delights on board a pontoon that can move around the harbor. The idea came from Tom Koren from Rotterdam, whose shipyard Rotortug (harbor) tugboat is designed with a patented propulsion system. The enthusiastic Austrian holidaymaker has been convinced of Meissl quality at various locations for many years so it seemed natural for him to equip a boat more than 60 meters long with three 9 x 9 meter umbrellas. Careful planning, a sturdy design and height-adjustable wind walls on two sides guarantee undisturbed enjoyment and a very special party experience. A specially built training tugboat now not only moves the floating gastronomy venue around for Rotortug events, but also for weddings and other events on round trips through Europe’s largest seaport. The concept has already attracted a large number of interested parties and the impressive silhouette of the large umbrellas signals the exceptional location of the site.

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