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Revamping of Bahnhofsstrasse street in Seefeld/Tyrol gave the Café-Konditorei Peintner coffee and pastry shop the opportunity to redesign the outdoor area with two large umbrellas. Below is a conversation with Markus Peintner about tradition and quality.

Mr. Peintner, you run a business with traditional that was founded by your parents in 1958 and that is known for its high quality and special coffee culture. How did this expansion of your offerings come about now?

For the Nordic World Ski Championships in February, the entire train station area was rebuilt and the place here was created. Although this allowed us to expand our outdoor offerings, it was clear that something great has to be created. That’s why we turned to Meissl, who leads the way in quality and design, and of course we also looked at various Meissl solutions, for instance in Parndorf.

Two large umbrellas 6 x 6 m in size cover the entire seating area; this no doubt generates additional attention?

At least ten times a day someone mentions this design. This is very good, as we only receive praise.
Thanks to the attachable rain gutters, a closed roof is created. Has this proven successful?
Yesterday we had a big thunderstorm, but under the umbrellas everything was dry. We are at 1,200 meters altitude here so sometimes there really is wind and harsh weather. That is why the umbrellas are also equipped with infrared heaters and lighting. Since the system was installed in April, we have really had every kind of weather; we even had to clear snow! But everything works perfectly.

A special feature is the four manual height-adjustable wind protection walls with mobile floor stands, which can be easily repositioned with a lift truck?

We have a windward side, so it is very advantageous when the glass wind walls are raised. Mobility is very important because in winter the outdoor area must remain completely free for the snow removal service. Thus, this solution is ideal.

Have you already had good experiences with Meissl at your main place of business in Innsbruck?

You know, we enjoy working with professionals, and in terms of quality, engineering, design and execution, Meissl is simply the best.

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