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What is greater than guests enjoying life at your bar regardless of the weather conditions? Meissl is the pioneer of umbrella bars, which have developed into real enjoyment zones over the decades. Naturally, they are fully equipped and manufactured in high quality.

A Meissl umbrella bar pays for itself quickly. It is not only an investment in the enthusiasm of your guests, but also a guaranty of more sales because simply everything here invites you to stay awhile.


Unterschiedliche Bargrößen zum direkten Vergleich


TYPE M 5 / City

Surface area covered: 20 m²
Diameter of bar: 2 m
Diameter of umbrella: 5 m
Outside bar table length: 7.5 m
Inside bar table length: 2.6 m
Service staff required: 1
Size of guest area: 16 m²
approx. no. of guests: 20 - 30


We would be pleased to coordinate the equipment and accessories to your needs and location

Dishwashers, tilt and pull-out loading

Refrigeration drawers, ice machine, cooling unit, keg coolers

Shelves and display cases

Glass-fronted fireplace

Water supply, sink

Cooking and grilling unit

Heat cover

Guest area furnishings

Safety cover

Heating, ventilation and dehumidification system

Mounting systems for TV, projector, PC

Attachments for specific needs

Central control unit

Zubehör Großschirme

Mounting and foundation solutions

Furniture as an umbrella stand

Protective umbrella covers

Set-up equipment

Manual or electric drive

Advertising sign on the top of the umbrella

Lightning systems

Heating systems

Sound systems

Rain gutters

Exhaust fan on the top of the umbrella

Mist cooling system

Transportation and storage protection

Textile sidewalls


As a manufacturer of load-bearing structures made of steel and aluminum, we are subject to EN 1090, for which we are also certified for EXC 2. Even if not all of our components fall under the scope of EN 1090, we subject our complete production chain to the quality criteria of this standard and emphasize consistent in-house production and quality control.
The umbrella constructions are designed and built in accordance with machinery directive MRL 2006/42/EC and are CE marked. The declaration of conformity also covers areas of EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and other applied harmonized standards.
As a manufacturer and installer of systems, we also take on the necessary maintenance and inspection work in order to preserve the durability, function and safety of the systems.

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