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Height-adjustable wind walls

Meissl’s height-adjustable wind walls can be used in numerous variants and in almost every structural situation.

Meissl’s half-height wind walls form an effective delineation of patios or open-air restaurants. At the press of a button, additional glass panels rise up – the result is wall-height wind and weather protection. A manual design is also possible.

In combination with Meissl large umbrellas or umbrella bars, you can transform an outdoor space in this way, even a fully enclosed space, which attracts guests in cooler temperatures too or in the rain. This allows you to successfully extend your open-air season!

The panes of glass can be lowered individually and at different heights. In addition, every second wind wall can function as a swinging door. Assembly is done on the existing patio or with a separate foundation.

Manual height-adjustable wind walls are also available as a variant to free-standing structures and come with a sturdy stainless steel-concrete base or an integrated bench. Base frame construction and ground rails offer other alternative solutions to free-standing structures.

Model options

Height-adjustable wind walls
Manual height-adjustable wind walls
Hochfahrbare Windschutzwand mobil mit Blumenbehälter
Hochfahrbare Windschutzwand mit Oberlichte
Hochfahrbare Windschutzwand drehbar (180° umlegbar)
Profilserie mit eingebauter Tür
Fixe Windschutzwand mobil mit Blumenbehälter
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