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Special wind and noise protection solutions

No construction is necessary for Meissl’s mobile wind walls: temporary anchoring is done through a substructure with wheels and heavy duty legs for fixing and positioning. In doing this, secure footing can be ensured by modulating the base elements, such as planters, depending on the location requirements. The glass surfaces can be designed to be both height-adjustable and permanently installed in different shapes and designs.

Perfect protection without limiting the view: permanently installed wind walls combine a lavish appearance with a clear separation function. They are therefore particularly well suited for sunbathing or for unobtrusive division of different functional areas, such as a patio environment.
Individual adaptation to the environment is possible through various solutions for the base design and the glass design.

Permanently installed wind walls can also be used as an effective noise barrier.
Such solutions are particularly recommended for separation from driveways, roads or other traffic areas without limiting the view. Use of special noise protection glass can additionally increase the impact. Transparency can be limited with colored noise protection glass.

Textile wind protection tarps can be quickly hung and offer effective protection against wind and rain. Especially suitable for frequent changes in temporary facilities or in locations where glass wind protection systems cannot be used. The hanging mechanics are simple and stable. The tarps are available in many different colors.

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