Hotel Prinzregent

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From an open-air patio to a weather-protected restaurant in seconds


1 MR large umbrella 12 x 9 m
Covered area: 103.5 m²
21.5 linear meters of height-adjustable wind walls
Space for 110 persons


Hotel Prinzregent


Edenkoben, DE


June 2012

An unrestricted sun patio or structural extension of the restaurant? Meissl has realized both options in the same space for the Hotel Prince Regent.

The trend towards open-air gastronomy continues. Therefore, many operators are asking two important questions: How can we use patio spaces and open-air spaces even when the weather is bad? And how can I efficiently combine an existing offering with new open-air ambience? Behind these basic considerations lies an abundance of detailed questions that need to be resolved, depending on the local situation. But they are the starting point.

The Prinzregent Hotel and Restaurant in Edenkoben is set amidst the Palatine vineyards. A large patio offers a unique sweeping view of the natural beauty of the region. No wonder it is extremely popular with hotel guests and day trippers. But only if the weather cooperates. How can such an attractive and highly frequented open-air space also operate regardless of the weather? With Meissl’s implemented solution, the almost unthinkable is possible: with the help of a large umbrella that covers the entire patio area and circumferential height-adjustable wind walls, it is possible to immediately react to any weather situation. When the weather is pleasant, the retracted glass walls serve as a half-height border without obstructing the view and the umbrellas can remain closed or provide shade. By contrast, during evenings and less clement weather, you will find a fully glazed, bright and well-protected room. A welcome side effect: the patio furniture can be designed at very high-quality in the style of a restaurant interior, since it is unnecessary to worry about the weather.

of height-adjustable wind walls
total covered area

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