Mardan Palace

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2,248 square meters of more shaded area in a luxury resort


62 custom-made large umbrellas
Covered area: total of 2,248 m²

Pool umbrella:
3,760 kg total weight
Covered area: 157 m²


Mardan Palace


Antalya, TR



For a superlative resort, a perfect shading concept was developed in Antalya, Turkey – including a well-shaded bar at the pool.

This is especially true in a hotel of absolute luxury class on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. For the exclusive “Mardan Palace”, a comprehensive shading concept was jointly developed with Meissl that includes numerous large umbrellas and various special designs. The impressive result: superlative sun protection as desired that fits in with the exclusive ambience.

Oriental luxury and the seduction of 1001 nights: “Mardan Palace”, a 5 * + hotel complex in Antalya, and its breathtaking features leaves all the top hotels on the Turkish Mediterranean coast in the shade! The gigantic hotel complex with 560 rooms of the highest class includes various gastronomic temptations from around the world, several pools, patios, canals and even its own island. A complete shading plan was developed for the sprawling complex, extending from the beach to the rooftop patio and offering superlative features: overall, 2,248 m2 of total shaded space was achieved by no less than 62 custom-made Meissl large umbrellas; just the umbrellas adapted true-to-size to the asymmetric poolside bar comprise 157 m2 and weigh over 3.7 tons. The central pillar that weighed more than 2 tons had to be put in place with a special crane in the extensively completed facility. But the results and the very positive response have justified the expense.

custom-made large umbrellas
total covered area
total weight of the pool umbrella

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