Sporthotel Berger

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How to optimize top locations with more flexible functionality


Lake patio:
3 custom-made large umbrellas
Covered area: total of 284 m²
50 linear meters of height-adjustable wind walls

Hotel patio:
5 custom-made umbrellas
Covered area: 142 m²
41 linear meters of height-adjustable wind walls


Sporthotel Berger


Velden, AT

Operators have to do something special for highly frequented top locations. This often results in impressive solutions in supply, service and flexibility, as the example of Velden shows.

When it comes to unusual solutions in particular, Meissl’s concepts and structures demonstrate special mastery, since here the expertise of a professional, mobile covering is demonstrated by meeting the specific needs of a location and its offerings. Detailed planning, maximum flexibility in shapes, colors and sizes, as well as tried and tested components allow for exclusive designs that are made to measure. This creates a distinctive meeting point and a permanent source of revenue.

Sometimes, you can even further optimize an A1 location. This applies to Sporthotel Berger in Velden, located right on Wörthersee, where the Seesteg pier was equipped with flexible coverings and extra mobile wind protection. The challenge was in a patio solution on two levels in order to address the customers walking on the promenade as well as the guests in the restaurant right on the shore. A high quality modern design highlights the entire area; naturally, the addition had to be designed to match. Another special feature: the umbrellas were customized to the exact shape of the patio, as were the height-adjustable wind walls. Individual elements can also be folded away on the side so that access from a boat is also possible. The outside bar in American style was designed according to the wishes of the operator with specially designed glass and backlit panels. In the meantime, the overall concept of this facility that is well-worth seeing has now been awarded “Europe’s best outdoor patio” in a competition in Paris.

custom-made umbrellas
total covered area
of height-adjustable wind walls

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