Turning old into new – a redesign project with a long-term effect


Sustainability plays an important role in today's world. Our industry is no exception. That's why we feel all the more excited when we get to create new possibilities from existing concepts. Introducing to you: the Pilzbar in Zillertal.

More than 25 years ago, a Meissl umbrella bar was installed for the first time at the Pilzbar in the Zillertal mountains. 10 years later, a Meissl large umbrella was added to cover the terrace of the restaurant. Having grown and developed steadily over the years, in 2022 we finally carried out some renovation work, during which we extended the currently installed umbrella bar to our iconic panorama line, enabling more space and a sky view inside.

The Pilzbar is an ongoing project, which makes us proud. Not only because it demonstrates trust – in us and our products. But also because it shows once again how durable Meissl products are. That not everything always has to be new to be enjoyable, but that existing products can also be developed and constantly improved. In the spirit of lasting solutions.

The Meissl x Pilzbar timeline at a glance: 

1998 Installation of umbrella bar MR 7 meters, bar type “Parkhotel”

2001 Umbrella bar MR 11 meters, bar type 2

2005 umbrella bar MR 14 meters, bar type 3

2008 MR umbrella 8 x 10 meters

2022 Reconstruction umbrella bar MR 14, bar type 3

Publication date: 20 Feb 2024