The somewhat different umbrella bar: a gastronomy project in an industrial area goes through the roof.


Often, you find Meissl where you wouldn't expect it. In the middle of an industry focused town, for example. The Holzapfel Bar in Kelkheim, Germany, is a flexible hospitality space for all EVENTualities. Equipped with a flexible umbrella bar solution from Meissl.

Special ideas need special solutions. And this idea - a flexible restaurant space in the middle of an industrial area - particularly inspired us. Our solution: an umbrella bar that is an absolute magnet for guests. For weddings, birthdays, meals with friends. In a place where you might not (at first) expect it. It's solved in a particularly elegant way.

We have installed the following:

Meissl Umbrella bar

Umbrella details

  • 1 pc. Large umbrella type MR 11,00 x 11,00m 45° corners

Hospitality space:

  • Floor construction and design made from larch wood
  • Wind protection solution consisting of diverse fuctional wind wall elements, enabling an all-around flexible guest space
  • Bar in a customized size of 8,24 x 3,15 metres
  • Bar top made from Ash tree solid wood, oak colour varnish

Additional Equipment:

  • Exhaust fan, Internal cover, LED lighting, flooring from larch wood, heating
Publication date: 17 Jun 2024