Large umbrellas – not only an advantage in the gastronomy sector


It's hard to imagine life without them in the outdoor areas of restaurants and hotels: Meissl large umbrellas. But what else can they do?

For clever restaurateurs it has long been considered good form to offer their guests attractive outside seating, even when the weather is not so nice.

But that is not all that Meissl large umbrellas can do. More and more retailers are using these especially stable large umbrellas from Meissl to expand their open spaces – e.g. also as covered quiet areas or for coffee shops. In addition, under these stable and weatherproof umbrellas, all kinds of outdoor product presentations are possible without much effort, even in bad weather. And this is why in the meantime you now see more and more Meissl large umbrellas, even at garden centres, DIY stores, flower shops and at furniture stores.

And not only with standard dimensions, but individually fitted to the respective requirements and the number of guests or rather the amount of goods on offer, which under a Meissl large umbrella, can still be sought for and found by potential buyers, whilst being protected from the weather.

Publication date: 13 May 2020