Magazine tip: POPCHOP. About the Future Food Culture.


We love good food, good restaurants and hospitality. After all, that is also a very large part of our Meissl universe. What we love even more, is discovering new concepts and places (with good food). That's why this time our scene tip is all about POPCHOP. And the Future Food Culture.

Interviews with creative chefs, signature dishes and unusual culinary projects: The first regular issue of the new POPCHOP magazine delivered 140 pages full of interesting and amusing content on the topic of Future Food Culture.  

A magazine that will leave you inspired, wanting more and smiling. Best read in a hammock or with a glass of rosé in the sun. On “Future Food Culture with an awareness of innovation and the production and handling of food, its economic, ecological and social impact”. Be sure to leaf through it yourself!

Publication date: 17 Jun 2024