Visual and technical added value - The new rain gutters


Rain gutters are an integral part of many Meissl weather protection solutions! That is why our development department is constantly working on improving details. The best example is now rain gutters without guy ropes. This is how it works.

It makes no difference to the rain - but in terms of appearance and comfort it is a small milestone in Meissl product development: the new design of our rain gutters eliminates, to the delight of our customer, the manual removal and insertion of the rubber guy ropes. “The wind now has much less surface to attack and everything looks more uniform and cleaner than with guy ropes”, Wolfgang Unterlerchner, technical manager at Meissl, explains the new detail. So, it's no wonder that the stable but easy-to-release anchoring of the umbrella and glass surround is inspiring more and more operators.

And there is another advantage associated with the new rain gutter variant without guy ropes: Less material is required. Your Meissl customer advisor will explain all this to you in detail upon request. Please call +43-6462-2510-0

Publication date: 3 Aug 2022