Put an end to cumbersome heating handling


Where guests like to sit outside even in cooler temperatures, all too often heaters are attached to the umbrella more or less by hand and removed again before the umbrella is closed. This is now a thing of the past. With the new swivel bracket for radiant heaters from Meissl, the heat sources remain permanently attached to the umbrella. How does it work? Like this.

When our research and development department identify a problem, they work on it until an optimal solution offers our customers tangible added value. This was also the case with the topic of heating. Because let's be honest: which caterer or municipal employee wants to invest time and nerves every time until the heaters on one or more umbrellas are screwed on and off again?! And simply leaving them on hasn't worked until now either. If the umbrellas were closed even though the heaters were installed, damage could occur to the umbrella column, runners or covering.
In terms of a first-class technical and visually appealing solution, there is therefore now the retrofittable heating console or one that is permanently installed from the outset, which automatically extends and retracts with the runners when opening and closing.

A parallel programme enables the folding movement and height adjustment when opening and closing the umbrella. After just a few minutes of cooling, your Meissl sunshade can be closed together with the heaters without damaging the sunshade components or the covering.

This new technical solution is another plus point for your umbrellas that should not be underestimated. It saves you time and effort, because now there is an end to cumbersome heating handling.

Publication date: 22 Sept 2021