R&D – Passion meets brainpower


What are the not yet considered needs of your guests? And what can we still refine? Research & Development is the heart of Meissl. But what sets the route here?

©Christian Schneider

Today, Meissl is so to say a synonym for high-quality large umbrellas for the outdoors. The fact that our customers from the hospitality, retail and public sectors benefit beyond simple weather protection, is thanks to our Research and Development (R&D) department. Under the direction of Ing. Martin Eltbogen, technicians, product designers and people who combine these disciplines tinker, develop and refine spezialised large umbrella, wind wall and additional fitting solutions here.

It is no question how much brainpower, heart and soul are involved here, for example when many attempts fail in the computer-aided prototype construction or in the 3D printer, before the ultimate solution is perfected in the end! But: this is part of the rocky way of turning ideas into real innovations! A few examples: the pull-up protective umbrella cover; swiveling device for radiant heaters; lifting devices for large umbrellas; acoustic umbrella coverings; spray cooling for under the umbrella; higher- and lowerable wind walls or furniture with additional functions.

But who decides to which questions feasible answers are sought and found here? Sometimes it is external circumstances - as now during Corona - that quickly call for new ideas. But mostly it's our customers. Being close to their needs is what drives us. And only when we succeed in contributing to your success with our innovative ideas, we surrender: Goal achieved!

Publication date: 13 Apr 2021