Relief: the rung support for more comfort is here


Those who have subscribed to the Meissl Lounge and are thus exclusive customers have been able to pre-reserve our new rung support since September, which now expands our range of accessories. This saves you the manual operation of the rung support to stabilise your Meissl umbrellas and thus a lot of time.

Anyone who wanted a significantly higher wind stability for their Meissl umbrella knows the issue: until now, the rung supports always had to be loosened by hand. With large and multiple umbrellas, this could take up to an hour of your time and you needed a ladder. You can save yourself and your employees this time and effort in future, because our Research & Development department has also developed an excellent solution for this: The modular stainless steel rung support is hooked onto the rung with a bayonet catch and locked to the wind wall. A ladder or something similar is no longer required for operation, as the support can be engaged and disengaged in a few simple steps. Order your comfortable rung support now.

Publication date: 3 Jan 2022