Summer ready: Tips & tricks for the right care of your weather protection solution.


While you're enjoying the hot days and balmy evenings of the warmer half of the year, here's what you can't be without: a solution for sun, wind and rain. To make sure it can reliably support and protect you and your guests during this summer, it's helpful to check a few things: Did the winter's cold temperatures cause any damage to the canopy or umbrella? Is professional cleaning necessary? For umbrellabars, we recommend a comprehensive check of the entire system, which we would be happy to advise you on personally.

For proper cleaning and care, we would also like to give you a few general tips:

  • It is best to clean the umbrella when it is fully opened, using a soft brush and a gentle water jet.
  • When cleaning the inside of the umbrella, make sure that the floor is impermeable to water and, if necessary, cover the radiant heaters and audio systems.
  • Clear water is usually sufficient for light soiling (hose cleaning and gentle water jet).
  • Never clean with a steam jet or similar, as this will cause the covering to lose its water impermeability (except for valances and curtains).
  • In case of heavy soiling, use special cleaning products that are also matched to the fabric color. This way you will avoid that the covering suffers. For more information on this, please contact us.
  • Umbrella frames can be easily wiped with a damp, soft cloth and coating colors can be refreshed with car polish if necessary.
  • After cleaning, stretch the umbrella and let it dry – preferably in the sun.
  • When using the protective cover, please make sure that it is properly installed (for more information, please refer to the operating instructions of your system).
  • In general: Clean the acrylic fabrics regularly and at least once or twice a year.
Publication date: 20 Jun 2023