We will help you, to (re)invent yourself outdoors


What will the future look like for all of the Après ski bars in the ski resorts, the numerous bars and restaurants where Corona has so mercilessly sabotaged all sales planning? ...

Noisy parties and fully packed bars will certainly not be the case this winter. Many restaurateurs are therefore desperately looking for outdoor solutions that will help them stay afloat. After all, we are still expecting guests, who are keen to consume despite the social distancing rules and restrictions. What is needed now is a rethink about moving the indoors, outdoors. Because where before Corona the aim was to entertain guests for hours on end, a certain "dynamic" is now required. To put it bluntly, this means that the guests should not make themselves comfortable in lounge corners, but come, consume and leave again! Exactly here, is where Meissl comes into play: Even for small outdoor areas we develop tailor-made umbrella solutions that act like guest magnets, whatever the weather. A good example of this is: The popular outdoor seating areas, which, according to the latest news, are to remain open in winter as well. This is great, if you already have a Meissl solution! Here is an ORF article on this.

We are currently developing numerous solutions, some in practical combination with our functional furniture, which open up completely new options. And the best thing is: Even if these solutions have to be custom made, in the form of umbrellas and flexibly usable glass panels, they are more cost-effective than you might think. In addition, they are not just one-offs, as each solution can continue to be used alone or in combination even after this Corona crisis. In short: Ask us and let us inspire you and talk about how others are preparing themselves for this season and are trying to defy their slump in sales with our ideas.

Publication date: 13 Sept 2020