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Optimal integration of an open-air offering in a sophisticated ambience


5 MV special-sized large umbrellas:
2 umbrellas 6 x 5.87 m
1 umbrella 6 x 6.27 m
1 umbrella 6 x 6.5 m
1 umbrella 6 x 5.5 m
Covered area: total of 173 m²
30.3 linear meters of height-adjustable wind walls
Space for 175 people


System Café GmbH


Parndorf, AT


April 2013

The exclusive Designer Outlet Parndorf emphasizes stylish integration of well-known brands. A delightful open-air addition was chosen for Segafredo.

Well-known brands are now increasingly faced with the task of combining uniqueness with customized, locally-related presence because consumers want both of these aspects. A company like coffee specialist Segafredo particularly faces this challenge, since the image of the popular stimulant is part of the personality of the sender, as is the matching and sympathetic positioning in the individual environment – even if typical brand signals are not used.

The striking black/red appearance of the coffee specialists is widely known. By contrast is the appearance in the Designer Outlet Parndorf near Vienna, a small brand-city in itself. Besides shops ranging from Armani and Adidas to Nike and Prada, there are naturally also different possibilities for taking a small shopping break with an espresso or cappuccino. The operator stands for an exclusive shopping experience in a stylish ambience at reasonable prices, and this must also be reflected in the café and bistro offerings. Segafredo is here represented with its own café, without working with a logo presence or brand colors. In order to use the sparse outside area more intensively, a Meissl concept was implemented: the special sized large umbrellas with height-adjustable wind walls now allow the open-air business to expand noticeably, even in less favorable weather. The brand is thereby only noticed at a second glance; more important is the visually mediated high-quality brand assurance because a crucial requirement was to match the historical building style of the Outlet Center, which is convincingly achieved through design, color scheme and floral decorations.

total covered area
of height-adjustable wind walls

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