Large umbrellas Gastronomy

A flexible open-air feeling in an historic ambience


2 MR large umbrellas 6.5 x 6.25 m and 6 x 6 m
Each umbrella shape has 90° corners
Covered area: 76.6 m²
Space for 175 people




Westerstede, DE


March 2013

Can the atmosphere of a 400 year old, lovingly restored ruin and modern open-air offerings be combined? The Krömerei displays a very attractive synergy.

Basically there are two possibilities for each structural expansion and addition: integration or contrast. This also applies to mobile structures such as umbrellas, large-scale canopies and wind walls. The new element either visually fits in with the existing ensemble or is striking with an emphasis on color and design. For both solutions, Meisl concepts offer a variety of design options thanks to the flexible and individualized orientation.

For the Krömerei in Westerstede, northern Germany, the operator has chosen an integrative version. With good reason, because the Krömerei is a small, almost 400 year old jewel. Built in 1619, it is part of a courtyard ensemble that Bruno Steinhoff, an internationally active entrepreneur, has revived. The old brick masonry was carefully preserved and combined with modern technology to create a harmonious ambience. The large rural timber-framed building was formerly used as a residence and simultaneously as a stable and work and curing house; today guests will find pleasant light-filled rooms and a stylish design that are inviting for celebrations of any size. Even marriage ceremonies can be performed here. Complementing this are two large square-shaped umbrellas whose muted red tones and clean lines adapt perfectly to the old buildings. Discreetly integrated infrared heaters and spot lights allow you to also enjoy this homey atmosphere a bit longer.

year old site
total covered area

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