App to date in the Gastronomy industry


The world is becoming increasingly digital, and so more and more practical apps are finding enthusiastic users in the catering industry as well. We have compiled five helpful apps for you. Most of them are free.

Too good to go

1/3 of all food is wasted. To put an end to this, there is a great app, even for restaurateurs. Anyone who has surplus food in their business can now simply sell it. Almost 9,000 cafés, restaurants and shops are already doing this, making a good contribution to protecting the environment while at the same time doing something for their image.

WWF Fish Guide

Restaurateurs or consumers for whom factors such as fish stocks, environmental impact or fishing methods also play a role when buying fish have long been using the WWF Fish Guide with its practical traffic light system. In 2021, the shopping guide was modernised and the user interface made more user-friendly.

The Weather Warning App

This summer, we have all experienced how important it is to know early enough what the weather will really bring. With its Weather Warning app, the German Weather Service also informs the general public and emergency services regionally with important information on the current weather situation.


This app makes every HACCP check child's play: your staff can work through all the steps for hygiene checks quickly and easily using HACCP checklists. Operating instructions, recommendations from the establishment or procedures for events can also be stored in Flowtify. All this makes quality management in the hospitality industry very easy for employees!