Garden centres - a segment with potential for Meissl


More and more Meissl umbrellas are not only being used in the catering industry or in public spaces but more and more nurseries and garden centres are also appreciating our coverage solutions for outdoor areas, which are as flexible as they are reliable. But why?


Sunlight is not always desired at all times in gardens and garden centres. And so, word gets around that Meissl umbrellas are the best solution imaginable here.
Whether in the Kittenberger adventure gardens in Schiltern, Austria, in the Tautermann nursery in Schwarzach or in the Riess plant centre in Neuried near Munich - Meissl umbrella solutions are in use everywhere this hot summer to protect guests and plants alike from the intense sunlight. Rudi Tautermann sums up his motivation for Meissl umbrella solutions:

“The umbrellas from Meissl are the perfect solution for us. Mobile for summer seasonal use and at the same time sturdy and stable in any wind and weather, no matter how fierce. And the diverse choice of colours for the covering even allows us a design in our sunny yellow company colour.”

Even the local “Lagerhäuser” in Altenmarkt, Bischofshofen, St. Johann, Wagrain, Klagenfurt and Elsbethen now display their plants under Meissl umbrellas. We at Meissl are naturally delighted that our target group is outgrowing itself with more and more nurseries.


Publication date: 4 Oct 2022