Hip, hip, HAPPA - climate-friendly cuisine straight from Berlin


“How can I make my business climate friendly(er)?” Every restaurant has probably been confronted with questions of this kind. The good news: There are approaches! A very special one comes directly from Berlin.

HAPPA is the name of the restaurant that Sophia Hoffmann and Nina Petersen have opened a while ago now at Schlesisches Tor. It is dedicated to “radically waste-avoiding cuisine” by focusing on “holistic food processing”. The latter describes a process in which not only the finest pieces of vegetables, but all edible components are processed. With this alone, the two are making a significant contribution to the fight against resource waste and the climate crisis. But there is more.

They choose oat milk over of cow's milk, and mayonnaise is made from soy or chickpeas instead of egg. The use of purely plant-based foods saves an enormous amount of water and is thus another vital point in terms of environmental protection, says Sophia Hoffmann in a recent interview (source: www.instagram.com).

In the beginning of 2023 the HAPPA restaurant has also been certified organic, because as far as the basic ecological requirements are concerned, this type of certification comes closest to meeting the operator's set of values.

Just one of many approaches to rethink possible “outdated processes“, to try one’s hand at environmentally friendly alternatives and thus make one’s very own contribution to a better world. Perhaps you're in the mood to be inspired. If so, be sure to stop by the restaurant's Instagram page: www.instagram.com/happa_restaurant.

Publication date: 19 Jun 2023