Meissl goes Sierra Nevada


Together with its approximately 25,000 members, the American homeowners' associationTahoe Donner has settled in the dreamy mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The diverse offerings for the community include a ski area, a golf course and, since summer 2023, avery special gathering space beneath a Meissl umbrella.

Cold, wet winters. Warm, dry summers. Fluctuating weather that is difficult to predict due tothe heterogeneous topography and microclimate in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In addition, a community that likes to spend its cosy pub evenings outside from time to time. That was the starting situation for our latest project in California.

This summer, we were asked to install a new umbrella solution for Tahoe Donner – one ofthe largest homeowners' associations in America. As part of the renovation of the “The Lodge Restaurant & Pub”, the approximately 290 m2 outdoor area was revised as well. The newcentrepieces – two Meissl umbrellas:

  • 2 Meissl MV large umbrellas
  • A total of 98 m² covered area
  • Integrated LED lighting

We are delighted with the successful completion of this project, which from now on willserve as a cosy gathering space and flexible roofing for the community of this specialneighbourhood concept.

Publication date: 3 Sept 2023