Open-sky views via the ceiling? The Meissl panorama umbrella bar makes it possible


There is always something magical about a view of the sky! The designers at Meissl, who plan and realise our panorama umbrella bar according to customer specifications, know this too. With the panorama umbrella bar, an all-round fixed glass roof frames the open large umbrella - even all the way around.

When the first panorama umbrella bars were opened at the “Steiner Tourismus” in Obertauern and at the mountain restaurant with a view, the Wildvogel in Neukirchen am Großvenediger in 2019, it was a milestone in terms of product development for Meissl. Because now a clearer view of the sky was possible even when the canopy was open. In the course of this, the stable but easily detachable anchoring of the umbrella and glass surround proved to be a constructive hit. And the countless design possibilities of the interior also delighted guests and operators alike.

You know us at Meissl: we are never simply satisfied with a solution, but always continue to work on improving our products. And so, we are also putting a new crown on the Panorama Umbrella Bar: In this version, the panorama glass roof runs all the way around without interruption. The principle remains the same: the umbrella has the same diameter everywhere, but its surface area is increased enormously by the enlarged glass roof and the glass surround. This new design eliminates, to the delight of our customers, the annoying unhooking and rehooking as well as the somewhat unsightly guy ropes. In addition, the gutter function reduces the susceptibility to wind many times over. An additional manual support for high snow loads is available especially for panorama umbrella bars in high alpine terrain.


What are the benefits of this investment? An example: With a 14-piece umbrella with an 8 m diameter, more than 65 m2 of additional guest space is created and thus room for 80-100 more guests. The bar also functions as an umbrella stand, no extra foundation is required.

If you are also considering a panorama umbrella bar from Meissl, please get in touch so that we can plan your project individually for you in good time. Because many an inadequate supply chain can also lead to delays for us from time to time.

Publication date: 26 Mar 2022