Silo – The first zero waste restaurant in the world


More and more guests are asking for ecological, fair, regional and good quality hospitality practices. Silo is a restaurant, which embodies a lot of these practices in one concept. The restaurant, previously located in Brighton, has meanwhile moved to the capital of the UK still offering a lot of food for thought for sustainable hospitality practices worldwide.

In the “story” section of the website one can quickly grasp the origin of the concept and the thinking and philosophy behind Silo. We understand a lot of restaurants are currently closed and so is Silo, but would like to share their inspiring outlook on the industry and thus some inspiration, while the hospitality sector has time to reinvent themselves. An industry which has always been longing for more cost-efficient business and less food waste, plastic usage and energy consumption has now got a chance to create some change with the time at hand. We suggest to have a look!

Publication date: 27 Jan 2021