Tom Almhütte: Not your usual mountain hut


Even though our Meissl large umbrellas are only part of the overall concept here, we would like to introduce you to the “Tom Almhütte”. This example shows that even in a very competitive environment one can make a difference through a surprisingly different concept.

When you visit the Tom Almhütte, it quickly becomes clear that they wanted to think about ski huts from A to Z in a completely different way than skiers and hikers in the Salzburger Land have been used to. Did they succeed? We think so!

The spectacular mountain panorama in front of the door is shared by the Tom Almhütte with many other ski huts. But when you step inside, the loft-like ambience here reminds us a bit of the industrial style of Berlin backyards. Lots of wood. Lots of glass. A lot of steel. Without a doubt, an extraordinary liaison of modern architecture and rustic hut charm has been achieved here on several levels.

And the menu? Behind a very well-stocked selection of drinks, which in terms of variety and quality can stand comparison with the high-class restaurants in the valley, you will find many a trendy culinary treat. And, of course, the classics of mountain hut cuisine but prepared with an unexpectedly international flair. The rich variety of vegetarian dishes on the menu, for example, proves that lifestyle is at home here.

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In the morning an alpine brunch, in the afternoon maybe a hike exploring herbs, in the evening a sundowner "with a view" by the fire on the terrace or under the Meissl umbrella ... All this speaks a cosmopolitan language and yet is "brutally regional". According to this motto, only local products are bought here out of conviction, thus strengthening the local economy.

In short: Tom Almhütte is, in our eyes, an inspiring, future-oriented concept in which the Meissl large umbrella plays a small but fine role.

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Publication date: 29 Mar 2022