Weatherproof – literally!


A restaurant in the sea — the “Wolkenlos” by the Timmendorfer beachside. In this location one relies on the Meissl large umbrealls to facilitate celebrations and enjoyment in every wind and weather literally “without clouds”.

The restaurant at the famous Timmendorfer Strand embodies a unique concept, which can not be found anywhere else on the baltic sea side. The location is a popular spot to visit on a day trip but also to book for bigger festivities. For good reasons, because the sun and the sea view which can be enjoyed at the end of the long footbridge are priceless. We at Meissl have created a solution perfectly protecting the location in any weather situation. This is facilitated with two large Meissl umbrellas of 4,5 x 4,5 metres and 5,75 x 4,5 metres. Our umbrellas are built to withstand extreme weather conditions like the “smacking breeze” often present at the Timmendorfer Strand!

Publication date: 29 Jan 2021