A cool idea: the extra cooling off on hot days


Phew! It's been a hot summer this June! Your guests will be happy if you offer them something more than just cool drinks outside. The most pleasant way to cool down is with an integrated spray mist system in Meissl umbrella bars. But how does this cost-effective and healthy alternative to conventional air conditioning work?


It's always the same: Restaurateurs who opt for spray cooling under the Meissl umbrella hear many enthusiastic “Ahhhs and Ohhhs” from their guests on hot days. And that's when very fine, cool spray suddenly comes from above under the Meissl umbrella bar. The spray mist cooling system atomises water into water mist, which then evaporates and lowers the ambient temperature by up to 10°C. The spray mist system can be used outdoors on terraces or in guest gardens as well as indoors without increasing the water content of the room. In addition, you can add essential oils such as citronella to the water mist to repel insects. The spray intervals can of course be adjusted individually as required.

With the spray mist system from Meissl, you can regulate temperatures and humidity very simply using only air and water - making it a cost-effective and healthy alternative to conventional air conditioning systems. Would you like to know more about this clever added-value feature that will surprise and delight your guests and encourage them to stay longer? We will be happy to inform you about the details. Just give us a call!

Publication date: 26 Jul 2021