Meissl Pre-Spring – because flexibility matters now (and always)!


Unpredictable weather. Distinct event concepts. Open-air joy. Mobility and flexibility are a must for many of our customers. A requirement to which we respond with our functional furniture and mobile products.

Introducing Pre-Spring 2024 at Meissl! The weather tends to change in the minute during this time, yet your locations and event concepts need adaptability all year around. Our reliable functional furniture and mobile products offer essentials like flexibility and mobility by design.

Ranging from umbrellas with umbrella stands and mobile wind wall elements to furniture and completely mobile umbrella bars, we offer everything the event and outdoor concept heart desires. Ideal for anyone who wants to remain variable, adaptable and mobile at all times.

Prime example: Gut Wöllried. A location that needs absolute flexibility. With our products, the team on site is equipped for any event and can respond to all requirements.

Meissl is the best partner – even for flexible locations. Read more here: Functional Furniture.

Publication date: 21 Feb 2024