The pull-up protective umbrella cover: it could not be easier


How do you get the oh so important protection covers over your large umbrella’s? With a new invention from Meissl: the easy to use pull-up protective umbrella cover.

Typical Meissl: there is a “problem” and Meissl are already working meticulously in the development department to find a solution – and that as long as it takes until it functionally leaves nothing to be desired. A good example is the umbrella cover which can be pulled up. As important as the protective cover is against the weather and the longevity of the large umbrella, which up to now it has been just as difficult to mount the umbrella cover over the umbrella stand. This new solution is remarkably simple: the protective cover is pulled up to the top via a cable pulley and is then fixed with a few simple alignments and then it can be pulled back down over the closed umbrella. To remove the protective cover, before opening it, the principle works in the same way. This only takes a few minutes and as it makes it that much easier, you can also put the protective cover on at the spur of a moment if there is a longer cold snap forecast or there is a bad weather front on the way.

Publication date: 20 Feb 2020