From Pfarrwerfen out into the world: the success story of our MA large umbrella


Our new series, the MA large umbrella, is conquering the world's outdoor areas. How many models of our new umbrella series have already been set up and where in the world they allow people to enjoy the outdoors.

Up to 9x9 meters in size in Meissl's finest signature style – as soon as we launched the MA large umbrella in September 2023, it was clear: this is what the outdoor world had been waiting for! Many exciting moments and market launches later, we look proudly at the new addition to our Meissl umbrella range and what it has already achieved.

Following the first prototype on the doorstep of our company site, we have already sold eleven MAs since the launch in September. A four-month average that we are delighted with! By comparison, we sell our MR umbrella around 20 times a year on average. 

The MA already adorns many beautiful terraces and outdoor areas not only in Austria, but also in France, the USA and Italy. Further installations to come. We are looking forward to everything that lies ahead!

Publication date: 18 Dec 2023