Sliding umbrella moves into the centre


“The normal ski hut madness” is the motto of Seppi's Mountain Club in Gerlos in Zillertal. Accordingly, the Meissl umbrella solution could not be off the peg! This project is one of the most extraordinary in Meissl's history. See for yourself ...

We continue with our small series of individual special solutions with which Meissl also realises extremely unusual wishes of its customers. In Seppi's Mountain Club in Gerlos in Zillertal, the team not only wanted a giant umbrella, which today consists of 24 parts and spans no less than 140 square metres. They also wanted a total of 19 huge curtains to keep the warmth in and the cold out in winter. Dimmable screen lighting was also on the wish list. So far, it's all gigantic, but not yet what makes this project truly unique! What is unique is that the huge Meissl MR umbrella was mounted on a floor rail that was built in cooperation with a special company on site. This allows the huge umbrella to be moved back and forth on the terrace, depending on where it is needed!

Next time we will present the complete solution in the “Kuhstall” in Wagrain, a special solution with wind walls which retract into the ground and all the specialities Meissl has to offer.

Publication date: 2 Dec 2022