There's no such thing as can't - surprising solutions.


Some people are amazed when we show them that there is a Meissl solution even for local conditions that are supposedly far too complicated. No custom design, no matter how individual, is impossible, even for curved, movable or retractable umbrellas.


Word is spreading that individuality is rooted in our DNA, so to speak. One of the examples we are gradually introducing to you is the Basecamp in St. Anton am Arlberg. Here, a Meissl custom-built screen, curved in on itself, connects the two terrace wings. The MR Umbrella, measuring 13 x 9 m, consists of 22 sections and offers guests a further 89 m² of covered space where they can enjoy culinary delights at the valley station. The pictures say more than any words here…

Publication date: 2 Aug 2022