Full Protection for the Full Steam.


“Full Steam the Gateway To The Arctic” including now a Meissl umbrella in front of the gateway! In the harbour of the Norwegian city Tromsø one can explore a truly northern experience and gain cultural and culinary take-aways, while staying in the comfort zone weather wise.

Challenging weather, a typical Nordic wooden house and a Meissl umbrella in the middle of it all: Our latest project in Tromsø, Norway, went hand in hand with some individual circumstances. Although still comparatively mild due to the Gulf Stream, the local climate is characterized by very cold winters and hot summers. Strong winds are not uncommon due to the location by the sea. Nevertheless, guests naturally want to sit outside, especially during the warmer half of the year.

Special features that we had to take into account while planning and implementing the new facility. Today, visitors of the Full Steam enjoy a solution that definitely guarantees them “full protection”:

  • A 16-piece MR umbrella measuring 8.5 x 8.5 meters
  • A total of 72.2 m² of covered area
  • Integrated protective cover, lighting, heating and rain gutter
  • 8 pieces of curtains for even better protection against wind and weather

We're very happy with the finished overall concept. Thanks to the curtains, heating and integrated lighting, the food in Full Steam can now be enjoyed outside undisturbed even on colder or particularly windy summer days.

Publication date: 23 Jun 2023